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Temperature Indicating Crayons

Temperature Indicating Crayons

Indicating Crayons Provide Information Needed for Determining Proper Surface Temperature 

Use the Colotemp Temperature Indicating Crayon for an easy alternative to check surface temperatures. This crayon provides the information needed for determining the proper surface temperature for metal working, welding, chemical, glass production, processing, and other related applications.

Packaged in a 10/pack in ranges from 120°C to 600°C and an assortment 10/pack of 1 of each temperature rating.


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Temperature Indicating Crayon Specifications
Accuracy ±5°C
Shipping No special packaging required for shipment
Shelf Life 2 years from date of shipment
Color Change Material Within 1-2 seconds, the surface temperature is within ±5°C of its rating
Instantaneously, the surface temperature is higher than its rating
After 2 seconds, the surface temperature is below its rating
Material Waxy compounds with pigment selected for melting point indication
Application Strike surface with crayon to check the temperature
Packaging Box of 10
Weight 3.1 oz (91g) /box
Temperature Indicating Crayon
Part Number Rating Initial Color Color Change 1 Color Change 2 Color Change 3
Type 1 120°C Light Grey Violet Blue at
248° F / 120°C
Type 5 245°C Orange Brown Black at
473°F / 245°C
Light Grey at
635°F / 335°C
White Buff at
941°F / 505°C
Type 10 600°C Apple Green White at
1112°F / 600°C