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    Blood Temp 10

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  • The Blood Temp 10 temperature indicator offers simple quality assurance for blood temperature during transit. The Blood Temp 10 is used when tranporting blood from the highly controlled environment of the blood bank to use or store in a different destination, such as a hospital.

    Blood Temp 10 is activated by a button and indicates simply and clearly if the temperature of the blood has risen above the threshold temperature.

    • Accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees C.

    • Simple to use

    • No special storage or conditioning – just Squeeze, Peel, Stick.

    Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 is irreversible proof of meeting AABB Standards and the FDA’s CFR 600.15(a) for monitoring temperature of whole blood during transportation and storage.

    Pack Size: 100 pcs

    Minimum order: 100 pcs