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Tamperproof Transit Recorders

New Third-Generation Tamperproof Transit Thermometer

Accurately and Permanently Chart Time/Temperature Changes of Temperature-Sensitive Products and Perishable Goods While in Transit or Storage

The self-contained Telatemp Tamperproof Transit Thermometer is a strip chart recorder factory validated to NIST traceable standards with an accuracy of ±2°F or ±1.1°C full range. Both high and low temperature ranges are available.

Using state-of-the-art technology, a battery-operated quartz clock drive precisely controls chart speed as a dry stylus scribes the temperature sensed by a bimetal element. A one-step trip information entry system provides the identical trip data to both shipper and receiver. At the conclusion of a trip, the receiver removes the chart and reads it for any evidence of temperature incursion. The temperature strip chart can be attached to shipping documents for convenient record retention.

Tamperproof Transit Thermometer Specifications
Accuracy ±2.0°F (±1.1°C) full range
Temperature Resolution 1°F/°C
Activation Tamperproof pull-out tab
Chart Resolution: 10 day     2.83 inches per day
40 day     0.86 inches per day
75 day     0.95 inches per day
90 day     0.82 inches per day
Power 1.5 volt AA battery
Shelf Life One year from purchase date
Validation NIST Traceable; Conformity European (CE)
Tamper-Proof Security Seal Factory-sealed
Notice of Shipment Three-part shipping notice attached
Enclosure ABS plastic
Dimensions: 5.25 x 2.50 x 3.50 in. (134 x 64 x 89 mm)
Weight 7.38 oz. (209.2 g)

Low Temperature Range -20°F to 100°F / -29°C to 38°C
Part Number Chart Run Time
LTR3-10 10 days
LTR3-40 40 days
High Temperature Range 16°F to 136°F / -9°C to 58°C
Part Number Chart Run Time
HTR3-40 40 days
HTR3-90 75 days