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SL Sensor Labels

SL Sensor Temperature Recording Labels

Telatemp's SL Sensor Labels record warming temperatures that could damage a product or are required to achieve certain bonding or flow processes.

The single window chemical sensor in the middle of the bright yellow SL label provides a permanent color change from silver to black when exposed to the rated temperature.

This self-adhesive recorder is available in temperature values of: 100°F/38°C, 105°F/40°C, 110°F/43°C, 115°F/46°C, 120°F/49°C and every 10°F increment from 120°F to 350°F/177°C.



SL Specifications
Accuracy ±2°C or 3% of rated values
Shipping Special insulated packaging required to ship labels rated 130°F/54°C or lower
Shelf Life 24 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature 21°C (70°F) & 50% relative humidity
Color Change Material Non-toxic temperature responding compound
Substrate Yellow polyester film
Adhesive Acrylic self-adhesive backing on release liner
Presentation On cards of 30 or 50 pieces, or rolls of 1200 pieces
Dimensions 0.40 in. (10mm dia)

SL Sensor Labels
Part # Response Temperature
SL100F 100°F / 38°C
SL105F 105°F / 40°C
SL110F 110°F / 43°C
SL115F 115°F / 46°C
SL120F 120°F / 49°C
SL120F-B 120°F / 49°C
SL130F 130°F / 54°C
SL140F 140°F / 60°C
SL150F 150°F / 66°C
SL160F 160°F /71°C
SL170F 170°F / 77°C
SL180F 180°F / 82°C
SL190F 190°F / 88°C
SL200F 200°F / 93°C
SL210F 210°F / 99°C
SL220F 220°F / 104°C
SL230F 230°F / 110°C
SL240F 240°F / 116°C
SL250F 250°F / 121°C
SL260F 260°F / 127°C
SL270F 270°F / 132°C
SL280F 280°F / 138°C
SL290F 290°F / 143°C
SL300F 300°F / 149°C
SL310F 310°F / 154°C
SL320F 320°F / 160°C
SL330F 330°F / 166°C
SL340F 340°F / 171°C
SL350F 350°F / 177°C