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ColdSNAP Descending Temperature Recorders

ColdSNAP Temperature Recorders

The Telatemp ColdSNAP monitors your perishable products in transit or storage by recording exposure to a critical cooling temperature (ColdSNAP) or a critical cooling and warming temperature (ColdSNAP+). 

The miniature self-adhesive ColdSNAP has a 2°C accuracy bimetallic sensing element that snaps at its rated cold temperature, permanently turning an indicating window from clear to bright red. Pull the plastic tab straight out to activate (do not break off).

The ColdSNAP+ Dual Temperature Recorder will record a critical cooling temperature from -20°C to +15°C PLUS a critical warming temperature from +38°C to +60°C.

The rugged all-mechanical plastic-housed recorder has a long storage life. This unique patented Telatemp design eliminates delicate chemical sensors, fragile glass and requires no batteries.

ColdSNAP descending temperature recorders can ship via ground without expending due to the activation tab. ColdSNAP+ models with ascending response temperatures of 130°F (54°C) or lower must ship via 2nd Day Air or faster and may seasonally incur an additional charge for insulated packaging.

ColdSNAP Specifications
Accuracy ±2° of rated value
Shipping Special insulated packaging required to ship ascending recorders rated 130°F/54°C or lower
Shelf Life 24 months when stored at room temperature 21°C (70°F) & 50% relative humidity
Materials Polystyrene case with metal thermostatic sensing element
Adhesive Double-sided self-adhesive backing on release liner
Packaging Heat-sealed polyvinyl sleeves of 20 pieces, lot numbered with instruction card
Dimensions 1.38 x 0.69 x 0.22 in. (35 x 18 x 6 mm)

Temperature Selection
Critical Descending Temperature Model No.
-20°C CT-20C-D
-10°C CT-10C-D
-5°C CT-5C-D
0°C CT0C-D
+2°C CT2C-D
+5°C CT5C-D
+10°C CT10C-D
+15°C CT15C-D
Temperature Selection ColdSNAP+
Descending Temperature
Heat Sensor 38°C Heat Sensor 41°C Heat Sensor 43°C Heat Sensor 46°C Heat Sensor 49°C Heat Sensor 54°C Heat Sensor 60°C
CT-20C-D+38C CT-20C-D+41C CT-20C-D+43C CT-20C-D+46C CT-20C-D+49C CT-20C-D+54C CT-20C-D+60C
CT-10C-D+38C CT-10C-D+41C CT-10C-D+43C CT-10C-D+46C CT-10C-D+49C CT-10C-D+54C CT-10C-D+60C
CT-5C-D+38C CT-5C-D+41C CT-5C-D+43C CT-5C-D+46C CT-5C-D+49C CT-5C-D+54C CT-5C-D+60C
CT0C-D+38C CT0C-D+41C CT0C-D+43C CT0C-D+46C CT0C-D+49C CT0C-D+54C CT0C-D+60C
CT2C-D+38C CT2C-D+41C CT2C-D+43C CT2C-D+46C CT2C-D+49C CT2C-D+54C CT2C-D+60C
CT5C-D+38C CT5C-D+41C CT5C-D+43C CT5C-D+46C CT5C-D+49C CT5C-D+54C CT5C-D+60C
CT10C-D+38C CT10C-D+41C CT10C-D+43C CT10C-D+46C CT10C-D+49C CT10C-D+54C CT10C-D+60C
CT15C-D+38C CT15C-D+41C CT15C-D+43C CT15C-D+46C CT15C-D+49C CT15C-D+54C CT15C-D+60C