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Hot Hands & HOT Warning Labels

Hot Hand and Hot Warning Labels


The bright colored 1-1/2" round adhesive-backed label appears blank when cold, but reveals the word "Hot" and a warning graphic when the surface to which the label is adhered exceeds the response temperature. Response temperatures of 50°C or 70°C are available. The labels can be used over the range of -30°C to +90°C in environments where ultraviolet exposure is not excessive.

The 1" x 1" square Hot Warning Labels are adhesive-backed and available in English and Japanese. A custom label can also be designed for specific customer needs. The word "Hot" is revealed when the surface exceeds the response temperature.

Possible applications include electric motors, gas and diesel engines, pumps, valves, furnaces, boilers, ovens, steam pipes and water heaters - any surface that could radiate heat and present a danger to workers and others. These safety-warning labels are used to prevent accidental burn injuries in all industries from automotive to hospitals to restaurants.