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Telatip Tip N Tell Tilt Indicators

TelaTip Tip N Tell Damage Indicator

Bright Red Plastic Cards Have Transparent Arrow-Shaped Indicator Windows That Turn Blue When Goods Have Been Tipped

The TelaTip Tip N Tell is a durable tamper-proof plastic card with an arrow-shaped  indicator window that changes color if a container has been tipped or mishandled during shipment.  This sensitive device determines if the parcel was tipped 90 degrees or completely upended. Housed in a bright red 2.78" x 3.80" x 0.10" plastic card, the self-adhesive TelaTip is quickly affixed to the side or inside of a package.   With the TelaTip, any concealed damage can be spotted at the time of delivery or before the delivering carrier leaves the consignee's dock.

Simple Operation:  Once the metal activating tab is pulled the TelaTip visually indicates the degree of tipping. Blue beads are displaced when a package is tipped recording the extent of tipping by turning the arrow-shaped recording window permanently and irreversibly from clear to blue.  

Supplied Warning Labels.  As a visual alert to encourage proper handling, TelaTips come with two red on white self-adhesive warning labels per device.  One goes on the package and the other is affixed to the bill of lading.

Optional custom designs can include your company logo and address.