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    Product Information

  • Model 110-9

    The Model 110-9 contains six temperature sensitive increments covering a range of 435-500°F (224-260°C) on a single model. 

    Telatemp non-reversible temperature recording labels accurately and economically sense and record surface temperatures. Each recorder contains one or more sealed temperature sensitive chemical indicators which turn permanently and irreversibly from silver to black at its calibrated temperature. Response time is less than five seconds with an accuracy of ±2°C or 3% of rated value whichever is greater. 

    The small size, weight and thickness of the labels allow installation in areas and on parts which are not practical for other instruments. No activation is required with the 110 series labels.


    • 224°C/435°F
    • 232°C/450°F
    • 241°C/465°F
    • 249°C/480°F
    • 254°C/490°F
    • 260°C/500°F


    1.75” wide X .75” high
    Nominal 0.01” thickness
    6 indicator windows


    Zip lock bags
    Lot numbered


    Double-sided acrylic adhesive tape
    Temperature sensor compound 
    Printed Polyester or Kapton substrate


    Records exposure to the above temperatures ±2°C or 3% of the rated value.
    The sensor material is white/gray/silver originally and appears black when the white/gray/silver material melts and is absorbed into the black backing paper.
    Indicator window will respond within 2-5 seconds at the rated temperature

    SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed 2 years from date of shipment if maintained in a cool (less than 80°F), dry (less than 50% RH) environment.

    SHIPMENT: Irreversible temperature recording labels with ascending response temperatures of 130°F (54°C) or lower must ship via 2nd Day Air or faster and may seasonally incur an additional charge for insulated packaging.