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    Telatemp’s Micro ML-HIS-B-AL Humidity** / Temperature Data Logger is designed to measure and record temperatures from -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F) with 0.1°C resolution and humidity range from 0 to 100%RH with 0.5%RH resolution.  This rugged, battery powered, stand alone device will record up to 21,845 date and time stamped humidity and temperature readings at user-defined intervals from 1 reading every 2 seconds to 1 every 12 hours. The ML-HIS-B-SS is enclosed in a stainless steel casing and is Factory Mutual certified as intrinsically safe for Class 1, Division 1, groups A, B, C, and D and non-incendive for Class 1, Division 2 groups A, B, C, and D hazardous environments.  This certification makes this data logger ideal for EtO sterilization, environmental studies and numerous other hostile environment applications.  The non-volatile solid state memory provides for maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged. 

    With the Telatemp Micro Series Software*, starting, stopping and downloading from the Micro Humidity ML-HIS-B-AL Data Logger is simple and easy.  Data can also be viewed in graphical, tabular, and summary form, displayed in °C, °F, K or °Rankine, %RH, mg/ml water vapor concentration and saved to your PC as an electronic file.  The data can also be exported to Excel® for further calculations.

    Complete user manual can be viewed onscreen or printed out from the software.

    *MLSP-USB Software & USB Interface is required.  **Not water resistant in humidity mode.  For humidity readings, unscrew the bottom cap enough to expose the humidity sensor to the air.  Do not allow water or other liquids to come in contact with the sensor compartment.