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    Product Information

  • TelaDrop Drop N Tell Resettable Impact Recorder 
    Included with two warning labels
    Dimensions:  0.83" x 2.02" x 0.21"
    Weight: 0.16 oz. each 
    Accuracy:  ±20% of the rated g-force
    Activation:  Reset before each use - see product instructions
    Adhesive: Self-adhesvie back on a release liner
    Packed in zip-lock poly bags
    Minimum order: 10 pieces

    The Resettable TelaDrop Drop N Tell can be installed on the outside of a package or product or discreetly tucked away so only the proper receivers know it is there. It can be reused up to 10 times, resists tampering, and cannot be mistakenly reset. The resettable model is also useful for monitoring sensitive products during assembly, such as computers.

    Simple Operation:  When impact exceeds the rated G-range of the TelaDrop 
    Drop N Tell, the bidirectional arrow windows turn from red to black to indicate which surface of a package sustained shock.