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  • Telatemp’s Micro TCTemp2000 is a battery powered data logger that can be used to record ambient temperatures from -20°C to +60°C with a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and calibrated accuracy of ±1.0°C (0°C to +50°C).  This instrument also has one external mini-connector input for type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, and N thermocouples.   The TCTemp2000 has one of the largest memory capacities with 131,071 date and time stamped readings per channel.  The non-volatile memory will retain recorded data, even if AC and battery power are lost.   The AC adapter and 9V battery are included.

    The TCTemp2000 can record with the LCD and backlight continuously active on the included AC power supply.  The battery can remain installed to provide back-up power.  In battery-only mode with continuous LCD and no backlight usage, typical battery life is 30 days.  For power savings, both the LCD and backlight have configurable auto-off options providing typical battery duration of approximately 1 year at a 1 minute reading rate.

    Relevant applications include:  HVAC applications, Oven profiling, HACCP program implementation, process verification and validation, warehouse monitoring, museum and laboratory monitoring, medical/pharmaceutical, environmental studies, food storage, live cargo transport, concrete curing/construction

    With the Telatemp Micro Series Software*, starting, stopping and downloading from the TCTemp2000 is simple and easy.  Data can also be viewed in graphical, tabular, and summary form, displayed in °C, °F, K or °Rankine and saved to your PC as an electronic file.  The data can also be exported to Excel® for further calculations.

    MLSP-USB Software & USB Interface is required.

    See product information sheet for specifications

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